Simple to use ADSB Feeder Images
(not just) for common Single Board Computers


There are three principal ways to use this software.
  1. Using one of the fully integrated images.
  2. Using it as an integrated app on any DietPi system.
  3. Using it as a standalone application that can be installed on most Debian based systems.
This page is trying to point you at the right image to install if you want to take the first approach. Initially this project supported a large number of SBCs, but it turned out that almost everyone was running the software on a Raspberry Pi, with some using x86 virtualization (which does cause issues with MLAT for most users). Due to this, the number of images offered has gone down accordingly. Note: only use the configuration options from various imaging programs on the images that support this (which usually is only the Raspbian images).
At this point we offer the following images: Please note that the x86-64 images generally assume BIOS systems and have not been tested / are unlikely to work in UEFI environments. The VM images also assume SATA disks.